???: Hey! Wake up! Are you alright? Hello!?! Say something! (We zoom into the light as we are now in the Pokemon World with no humans around but all the humans who turned into Pokemon as the special episode even started)

???: (Wokes up and panting)

Charmander: Whew! I've been getting worried, Squirtle.

Squirtle(off-screen) Whoa, it's a Charmander! But I don't see any Squirtle around. Hey, you're talking! But you're a Pokémon!

Charmander: So what? You're talking too and you're a Pokemon. (Then somebody off-screen goes to the water of reflection to see that a boy who has turned into a Squirtle)

Squirtle: Uh... (Surprised as he feels his head his belly and looked at the back of his shell and has a tail and realized he's been turned into a Pokemon) AAAAH!!! I am! SINCE WHEN DID I BECOME A SQUIRTLE!!!!! (Echoes by that name as we pan all the way up to the sky as we see a Pelipper flying by. Then off-screen again) Turning into a Pokemon. Boy that'll wake you up. (Now we cut to theme music)


Prologue: This is a story about a boy who one day woke up and became Squirtle. In his new Pokemon World, He found that there were many problems. And Pokemon Rescue Teams has been formed to deal with those problems. Squirtle joins Team-Go Getters and starts his adventures with his new friends. (End of theme music)

(Now we cut to the place called team base as this special episode begins with Squirtle sleeping on his as he was awaken and realized where he is then Squirtle looked at his reflection in the water again)

Squirtle: I really am a Squirtle for real. Oh. (He leans down to his water reflection but then started to fall into the water) Whoa whoa whaaah! (Drowning) And you have to know how to swim!! (He drowned in the water but then he realized he's a water Pokemon as he awakens from underwater and swims around thinking about it) Hmm.... Ha! Hah hah! ha ha! (Pops out of the water and smiles) This feels great! Being a Pokemon isn't half bad. Oh yeah let me try this. (Faces the window by inhailing) Water Gun. (Uses it but uses Bubble instead) Bubble, huh? Guess it's means I have a lot to learn. But still... those bubbles sure are pretty. (Looks at the bubbles but then he saw somebody coming into the team base)

Chikorita: Excuse me! (She and Charmander showed up) What kind of weird Squirtle are you? Acting just like a human?

[Note: Chikorita and Charmander Squirtle's first friends in this new world.]

Squirtle: I am really a human. I mean, I used to be a human. Chikorita: You really are weird. Charmander: Ha ha. So what do you think of our place? Squirtle: I love your house! It's awesome! Chikorita: It's not our house. It's our Team Base! Squirtle: Uh...?

Charmander: Team Base! For our Pokemon Rescue Team! (throws a rescue team badge for Squirtle to hold onto as he looked at it strangey and the rescue team badge shines brightly) And starting today, you're a member of our team; Team Go Getters.

Chikorita: We've been looking for our new member. Squirtle: What's a... Rescue Team?

(Chikorita and Charmander both gasp in surprise)

Chikorita: You really don't know?

Squirtle: Me and my big mouth. (Suddenly, the earthquake is about to start shaking. Charmander and Chikorita are scared) IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE!!! WHERE'S THE DESK WHERE'S THE DOOR WAY WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!

Chikorita: Everything's fine. Relax! (Squirtle relaxed)

Charmander: This is normal. We've had a lot of strong earthquakes and volcanos...and a lot of Pokémon have been effected in an awful way. Chikorita: So Pokémon rescue teams have been popping up everywhere to help any Pokémon that might need it.

Squirtle: Hm... Got ya.

Chikorita: (Worried) I bet your the only Pokémon around here that didn't know a thing about any of this stuff.

Squirtle: (Mad) Excuse me, I said I was a human!

Chikorita: Yeah right!

Squirtle: (Jealously) You don't believe me huh?

Charmander: Whatever! Come on! Let's go! (Pushes Squirtle outside)

Squirtle: Hey!! Mind telling me where we're going!?

Chikorita: We're going to the Pelipper's post office, silly. Charmander: (Runs ahead) That's where the request help is posted on the message board...

Chikorita: You can carry the toolbox! (Hands Squirtle the Toolbox)

Squirtle: Whoa! (Chikorita and Charmander ran ahead to where town square is when Squirtle catches up to them) Hey you guys, wait for me! Wait! (Now we cut to town square to hear that someone is crying near Whiscash Elder's pond. It was Pichu)

[Note: Pichu The missing Pikachu's younger brother.]

Pichu: (Crying)

[Note: Whiscash Pokemon Square's elder.]

Whiscash Elder: Now, Pichu don't be sad. I'm sure Alakazam and the other rescue team members would rescue your older brother Pikachu.

Pichu: (Stops crying) Alakazam? So you're talking about Team A.C.T. right?

Snubbull: Whiscash Elder, wait! About Team A.C.T. (Scene flashes back to where A.C.T. is at Magma Caverns to rescue Minun and Plusle)

[Note: Team A.C.T. A Gold Rank Rescue Team of powerful Pokemon.]

Snubbull: I bet they are on the mission in the Magma Caverns... To rescue Minun and Plusle. (Then the scene flashes back to Whiscash Elder and Pichu)

Whiscash Elder: That's right. I've forgotten, Snubbull.

Pichu: (Starts crying again) Then... What's gonna happen to my big brother Pikachu!?!?!

Whiscash Elder: Uhhh... We have many rescue team members to rescue your older brother Pikachu.

Pichu: But where are they?

Whiscash Elder: Ahhh! Uh... Where are they!?! (Smiles nervously) Well, the thing is...

Squirtle: (Off-Screen) We're right here!

Whiscash Elder and Pichu: Huh? (Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita known as the Team Go Getters showed up holding up their rescue team badges)

Charmander: You can always lying on us! We're team go getters!

Ekans: Outta way dirt bags!!! (Pushes aside Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita)

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: Whoooooooah!!!

Gengar: Heh heh heh heh!! (He jumps back by holding up his rescue team badge and so does Ekans and Medicham by doing their poses)

[Note: Team Meanies A Rescue Team of mean Pokemon.]

Gengar: Give me a break! When we stuck up stream there's only one team and that's Team Meanies! Besides a bunch a low life scums like those three have incoment.

Medicham: We can't perfur that now can we? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ekans: Ha ha ha!

Whiscash Elder: Thoses badges of yours... Most intensive.

Lombre: They're rookies aren't they?

Bellsprout: Not like the A.C.T.

Snubbull: They're gold rank. And they're awesome.

Whiscash Elder: Very well, Team Go Getters and Team Meanies. Both of you go to the Sinister Cave and rescue Pichu's older brother Pikachu as soon as possible.

Chikorita and Charmander: (Salutes) Right!

Squirtle: (looks at Chikorita and Charmander and salutes) Uh...? Right. (Gengar, Ekans and Medicham watched them)

Gengar: Hmm... We don't need those bumkin babies bottling up our rescue breed. Heh heh.

(Cut to Chikorita, Charmander and Squirtle running toward somewhere to go while in Town Square)

Charmander: Chikorita! Where are you going?

Chikorita: That Sinister Cave is gonna be pretty tough and I'm going to make sure I have everything we needed. We've got a lot of items to put together quickly! (She, Charmander and Squirtle are headed toward the Kelecon brother's shop as we cut to that place)

Kelecon Brothers: Welcome to our shop!!

Kelecon Purple: We love seeing old customers!

Kelecon Green: But right now we're closed to everyone.

Chikorita: What? How come?

Kelecon Green: We just had a single robbery that we got at our shelf. Yup they've just cleaned up everything we have. I haven't seen every single item in weeks. (We see a lot of items are empty from the shelf)

Charmander: The ribbon is gone, all the scarfs, everything!

Kelecon Purple: Yup.

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: Aww.

Charmander: Come on. (They leave but Squirtle asked the Kelecon Brothers a question)

Squirtle: By the way, who were those three customers?

Kelecon Brothers: Gengar and friends. They're called Team Meanies!

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: Huh!?! Hmmm!! (Cut to the Team Go Getters looking at the toolbox as Chikorita opens it as her items is full of berries)

Chikorita: This is as worst as I have everything we needed.

Squirtle: Team Meanies.

Charmander: They sure are!

Gengar: Heh heh heh! (He, Ekans and Medicham came out from behind a tree) Peek-a-boo!

Medicham: Looks like you three are expecting us after all! How would you all go on a rescue mission with a bunch of dumb berries?

Charmander: (Angry) Hey! Berries give you something very special in need! Cause they hard to carry and they're really good for ya too!

Gengar: Oh is that so!? Go Ekans!

Ekans: (Charges in) Gee thanks! Ahhhh!!! (Grabs the toolbox and eats a bunch of berries)

Charmander, Squirtle and Chikorita: (Angry) AHHH!!!

Chikorita: (Angry) What are you doing!?!?!

Squirtle: (Angry) Stop it now!! (Ekans eats all the berries inside his belly by gulping it down)

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: Awww!

Ekans: Man, that hit the spot!

Chikorita: How could you!?!

Squirtle: Well... Take this!!! (Uses bubble)

Gengar: Take... That!!! (Uses Night Shade between the eyes as it pops all the bubble attacks Squirtle has used)

Charmander, Squirtle and Chikorita: (Surprised) AAAAAH!

Gengar: Heh heh heh. Genius wins again.

Ekans: Gengar, you're night shade is way too powerful. So much for your little attack.

Medicham: I think it's time for babies to go home and leave our rescue breed.

Squirtle: (Angry) We're not babies!!

Chikorita: (Angry) Yeah!! And we're gonna rescue Pichu's older brother Pikachu before you know it!

Charmander: (Angry) No bet!!

Gengar: True! But your no items could even get you nowhere. Move, meanies! (He, Ekans and Medicham left)

Medicham and Ekans: Right! (The Team Meanies left by going on the mission as Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita looked at the opened up toolbox once again and see that they're are only two oran berries left)

Chikorita: (Sad) All that stealing, they left us two oran berries.

Charmander: (Smiles) It's not that bad. Oran Berries can give a super energy. Eat two of them and they'll give you a boost. Chuck!

Chikorita: Well I hope you're right.

Aunty Kangaskhan: Hey, you youngsters! Come on over here you brave rescue team members!

Chikorita: Aunty Kangaskhan. (Cut to where Aunty Kangaskhan lives at her warehouse)

Aunty Kangaskhan: Come on. Take everything you want and don't be shy.

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: Ohh.

Chikorita: Are you sure it's okay?

Aunty Kangaskhan: Don't worry. I'm in charge of this warehouse. I've been hacking these items for years but these are mine. These Pecha Scarfs of yours that I layed out for you gives you something very special indeed. Those Corsola twigs are a very special indeed that is inside this bag.

Baby Kangaskhan: You bet!

Aunty Kangaskhan: (Picks up a pecha scarf) And these are good luck scarfs. Here try them on! (Waves the Pecha Scarfs for Chikorita, Squirtle and Charmander to try on as they smile happily)

Chikorita: (Laughs)

Squirtle: Ha ha!!

Charmander: Ha ha ha ha ha!! (The Team Go Getters do their poses wearing these kind of items)

Aunty Kangaskhan: Don't you all look nice?

Baby Kangaskhan: First rank!

Squirtle: Gold rank!

Charmander: Just like A.C.T.

Chikorita: There's nothing we can't do!

Aunty Kangaskhan: In case of trouble, take these corsola twigs. (Hands them a bag of corsola twigs)

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: Wow! Thanks, Aunty Kangaskhan.

Aunty Kangaskhan: Oh good. Now you go on and rescue Pichu's older brother Pikachu. And beat those Team Meanies.

Baby Kangaskhan: Beat em good. (He and Aunty Kangaskhan gives them a wink)

Charmander, Chikorita and Squirtle: We will!

Chikorita: Now, Team Go Getters! Let's go get em!

Charmander, Chikorita and Squirtle: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (They jump up happily as we cut to the mystery dungeon place called the Sinister Cave where the Team Go Getters have to go through)

Chikorita: There it is... The Sinister Cave!

Squirtle: Caves like these could give you a super creeps.

Charmander: Yeah. Hey, don't forget we got a job to do. Let's get going. (They all started their mission by getting inside that cave as Charmander leads the way with the flame by a tip of his tail making the light. They continued walking but then they heard something from behind the rock making a whining sound)

Squirtle: Hey... What's that?

Charmander: (Points to somebody behind that rock) It sounds like it's coming from behind that rock. Metal Claw, Let's go!! (Uses Metal Claw to break through the rock as it breaks into pieces as the Golbat flew by screeching)

Squirtle: Those are Golbats!

Pichu: (Crying and running by going crazy with electric powers by the cheaks) HELP HELP ME I'M SCARED I WANT MY BROTHER HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! (Charmander ran but Squirtle got knocked out by Pichu and Pichu got knocked out by hitting behind the wall and faded)

Chikorita: Pichu!

Charmander: Wait! (Wents to the toolbox, open it up and took out an Oran Berry and handed it to Pichu) This will make you feel a lot stronger. It's an Oran Berry. (Chikorita and Squirtle watched as Charmander handed the oran berry for Pichu to eat)

Pichu: Yum. Mmm. Ooh? (Surprised) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (He likes it) AHHH!!! (Eats it very fast as he feels up and at em) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (He feels strong with electric powers by the cheeks) Thanks, you guys! You Team Go Getters really are the best!

Chikorita: Did you come here to find your brother all by yourself?

Pichu: Of course. I did everything I had to find my brother here or anything. So... I've found Team Meanies and follow them. (Scene flashes back to how Pichu explained all this to what happened)

Gengar, Ekans and Medicham: What do you want, Shorty!?!

Pichu: Please, you guys! You just gotta help me rescue my older brother Pikachu!

Gengar: The kid's gotta lot of spunk but man what a royal pain in the neck!

Medicham: So what will you do, Gengar?

Gengar: (Peted Pichu on the head) Say... Aren't you a brave young one just like your big brother. Hear that? I think I can hear Pikachu's voice coming from in there!

Pichu: (Ran off) I'm coming, Pikachu!

Gengar: Confusion!! (Uses the Confusion to lift up the rock and sealed it in as Pichu got surprised as he realized he was sealed in)

Ekans: This is awesome! Pichu's been sealed in!

Medicham: It was a piece of cake after all, we did the sealing!

Gengar: We'll do the unsealing part when we're ready. Heh heh heh! Okay let's go. (Then the scene flashes back to Pichu along with Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita)

Pichu: And that's what happened.

Charmander: Them creeps!

Chikorita: Those three Team Meanies are nothing but bad news.

Squirtle: (Gets pumped up) OKAY, GUYS!!! We'll get Pikachu first! Before those Team Meanies get there!

Charmander: Yeah!

Chikorita: Yeah!

Pichu: Can I come too? Please?

Charmander: Of course!

Pichu: (Sighs for relief)

Chikorita: But please. Try not to go crazy with your electrical powers or you'll might pass out again.

Pichu: Okay. (Now we cut to Squirtle, Charmander, Chikorita and Pichu passing by all the Shroomish who are sleeping peacefully)

Shroomish: (Snoozing by saying their names)

Squirtle: Shroomish here. Shroomish there. Man this place has a wall to wall Shroomish.

Charmander: So the last thing you should do. All you do is wake them up. Keep it down.

Squirtle: (Whispers) Gotcha. (He accidentally knocked down one of the Shroomish by the toolbox)

Chikorita: (Gasps) Butterfingers!

Squirtle: Sorry.

Charmander: Hmm? (Looks at the Shroomish as he got up and makes a sad face by whining) Ugh!!! Heads up!!! Let's get out of here!!! (Runs away)

Chikorita: You better hold on tight, Pichu!

Pichu: Don't you worry. (Rides on Chikorita's back by holding on tight as she runs away)

Shroomish: (Loudly) SHROOMISH!!!

All the Shroomish: (Woke up) Shroomish. Shroomish.

Squirtle: I understand if you mad. Like somebody barrged in and woke me up. I mean really kin!!! (Runs for his life as all the Shroomish are using Poisonpowder) Ahh!! (Holds his breath) They're spraying poisonpowder and I can't breathe!

Chikorita: I'll get you outta here, Pichu hang on tight!

Pichu: I'm trying!!! (Chikorita lowers her leaf on her head to cover Pichu as the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to the Team Go Getters and Pichu running away from the Shroomish)

Squirtle: DAAAAH!!!

Shroomish: Shrooooooooooooooo-Misssssssssssh!

Squirtle: Man for a talking Pokemon, I sure have a big mouth! (Catches up to Chikorita and Charmander) They're too many of them!

Charmander: No they'res not. (Steps toward the Shroomish army) It's time to push em back with the dust of Ember!! Hah! (Uses Ember toward the Shroomish as the Shroomish got scared) Yeah! Let's try this one more time! HAAAH!!! Huh? (Realized he uses a new move called Flamethrower. The Shroomish got scared as they all run away)

Chikorita: Hey that was Flamethrower!

Squirtle: Ha awesome!

Pichu: Hey! I think you just went up a level, Charmander!

Charmander: Did I!?! Ha ha ha!! (Now we cut to them continuing on walking toward the Sinister Cave)

Squirtle: Since the Shroomish's Poisonpowder doesn't even have an effect on us, I think we all just gone up a level don't you think?

Chikorita: Squirtle, the reason why the poisonpowder doesn't effect us is that wearing some useful special items.

Charmander: It's cause of Aunty Kangaskhan.

Squirtle: Aunty Kangaskhan?

Chikorita: Yeah. Those Pecha Scarfs she gives us will protect us from being poison. You see?

Squirtle: Wow. (Looks at his Pecha Scarf around his neck) I never thought I really was up a level. (Now we pan over to the light as we zoom into it as the Team Go Getters and Pichu are now on looking up to Sinister Mountain. Then Pichu got off of Chikorita and run into the treasure bag that somebody has dropped)

Pichu: Oh! Look at this! It's the Treasure Bag Pikachu was holding! Pikachu had to be here I just knew it! (Then some flying steel type just flew by)

Squirtle, Charmander, Chikorita and Pichu: Huh? (It was Skarmory as she flew in swoop in and grabbed Pichu by the foot)


Chikorita: PICHU!!!

Squirtle: Hurry guys, fast!

Charmander: What's with that Skarmory carrying him up the mountain!?!?


Chikorita: Pichu!

Charmander: Let's move!

Chikorita: Right! (She, Charmander and Squirtle hurried on as they all ran up toward the mountain. Now we cut to the final place called the yellow rocky mountain as part of the Sinister Mountain as Skarmory is walking around feeling bored)

Skarmory: I don't like it. I don't care what anyone else thinks I don't like it. (Now we see Pichu is tied up along with Pikachu his older brother)

Pikachu: Sorry, Pichu. I never ment for you to get into the middle of this.

Pichu: That's okay, Big brother. I love you. And guess who's coming to save us, Our rescue team!

Pikachu: (Excidedly) A rescue team!?! You mean the A.C.T.?

Pichu: No not those guys. Team Go Getters.

Pikachu: Go getters?

Pichu: They're really cool rescue team. Super Strong! (Now we cut to the Team Go Getters climbing up the mountain for hours now and Squirtle feels exhausted)

Squirtle: It feels like we're never gonna get to the top. (Then he saw the final part of the sinister mountain) What if I get a real cool down right now? (Imagines himself using water gun by going to the final part faster) WATER GUN!!! (Then the scene flashes back to him) Works for me. Maybe if I try again, I can do it this time. (Inhales then still uses Bubble as they all started to float away) More Bubbles. (The bubbles floated up in the sky) You know. They're still pretty. (Cut to the Team Go Getters continuing on going ahead to the final part of the Sinister Mountain but then they saw somebody fainted and failed the mission)

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: (Gasps. They saw that it was Team Meanies who fainted and failed the mission)

Charmander: Team Meanies! (He, Squirtle and Chikorita rushed toward them and helped them as we cut to them by explaining what happened)

Squirtle: What happened?

Ekans: (Moans) It was Skarmory.

Charmander: Skarmory?

Medicham: It was like getting hit by a missle.

Ekans: We didn't stand a chance.

Gengar: You two letting yourselves get beaten up. You deserved it. Heh heh.

Squirtle: Ohh.

Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita: (Looked at each other) Hmmm. (Noded as Squirtle took out one last oran berry out of the toolbox and hands it to Charmander and Chikorita as they and Squirtle pull on it)

Ekans: An Oran Berry!

Medicham: So what are you gonna do with it, hmm? (Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita split the three half of the oran berry then to team meanies by smiling)

Chikorita: Take it. It's for you. It's our last one. (Hands it to Medicham as she eats it)

Medicham: Ooh! (Feels reenergized) Oh thank you.

Charmander: (Hands the second half of the oran berry to Ekans as he eats it)

Ekans: (Feels reenergized) Man, that's good.

Gengar: (As Squirtle hands the third one to him but he refuses) Hmph. I refused to be turned into a cherry in case.

Squirtle: Aw come on. Take it.

Gengar: But... You guys are going to need them too.

Squirtle: So what?

Gengar: Hmm... Then I guess you three are just nuts.

Squirtle: Hey. We're not nuts. It's not like you're leaving an injured brother without helping him. So here.

Gengar: Brother?

Squirtle: Of course. We're Pokemon right?

Gengar: ... (Eats the last half of the oran berry)

Squirtle: (Smiles) Ha ha ha ha ha! (Now we cut back to the final part of the Sinister Mountain with Skarmory walking around in circles and guarding Pikachu and Pichu being tied up behind the rock)

Skarmory: I don't like it! I don't care of what everyone think of anything else! I don't even like it one bit! (Team Go Getters arrived)

Chikorita: Pichu!

Pichu: Team Go Getters!

Skarmory: Huh?

Charmander: Say would you look at that, Pichu. You've found your older brother Pikachu and will!

Skarmory: Right! Who are you in your loud mouth?!

Charmander: We'll show you! (He, Chikorita and Squirtle jumps up and held up their badges)

Charmander, Chikorita and Squirtle: We're the Pokemon Rescue Team!!! Team Go Getters!!!

Pichu: Did I tell ya they come!?

Pikachu: Sure did! (Squirtle, Charmander and Chikorita are about to battle Skarmory in their first battle part of the Mystery Dungeon)

Skarmory: I don't care who you are and I don't even like you one bit! And you're going to get out!!!!! (Flew in and charges toward the Go Getters by using Wing Attack on Charmander first)

Charmander: GAAAAAAAH!!!

Chikorita: Razor Leaf!! Ha!! (Uses Razor Leaf but Skarmory flaps her wings by stopping the attack)

Skarmory: Give me a break!!

Chikorita: Huh?

Skarmory: (Uses her attack which is Steel Wing on Chikorita)


Squirtle: Yeah!?!?! (Inhales and uses Bubble Attack but Skarmory dodges them all)

Skarmory: So the little boy wants to play with bubbles! (Uses Fury Attack on Squirtle in a butt)

Squirtle: I think you're pretty right!?! Come on gimme a break! Help!

Pikachu: Whoa!

Pichu: Hang in there!

Squirtle: (Ran back with Charmander and Chikorita) We've gotta think of something else.

Charmander: Like what?

Chikorita: Like Aunty Kangaskhan gave us.

Charmander: Corsola Twigs! (Squirtle takes out a bag full of Corsola Twigs as he dumped only three of them in his hand and gasps)

Squirtle: One for each of us. (Charmander and Chikorita grabbed one of each in hand)

Chikorita: We've got to make these count.

Charmander: Let's use the combination! (Skarmory comes in again by flying toward them)

Skarmory: (Squawks)

Charmander: Flamethrower, let's go!! (Uses flamethrower but Skarmory dodges it)

Chikorita: Try one of these! (Throws one of the Corsola Twigs but Skarmory dodges that too)

Skarmory: Ha ha! Not afraid of toothpick!

Squirtle: (Runs on the ground) After you're gonna taste of my next attack, you're gonna be very afraid! (Jumps up toward the edge of the rock and jumps up toward Skarmory) Tackle  Attack, Let's go!! (Tackles Skarmory in the chest as she falls down to the ground and lands on her feet)

Skarmory: (Squawks)

Charmander: Ugh! YAAH!!! (Throws one of the Corsola Twigs but Skarmory blocks it with her neck)

Pikachu and Pichu: (Surprised) OAAAAH!!!

Skarmory: You're turn to be very afraid!!! (Flies up again as he coming toward Squirtle)

Charmander and Chikorita: Squirtle, look out!!

Pikachu: Pichu, take out what's in the treasure bag and drop it.

Pichu: Huh?

Pikachu: And hurry up. (Pichu does so as he emptys out the Quick Seed as it goes to slow motion and Pikachu kicks it toward the air) SQUIRTLE!!

Squirtle: Huh? (The Quick Seed went into his mouth as he swallows it. Skarmory is almost got toward Squirtle until...) Uh-oh. (He runs really fast by going quickly)

Skarmory: Huh?! (Lands on her feet being confused)

Squirtle: Ha ha! (Runs very quick and fast by using double the speed)

Charmander: Check it out!

Pikachu: That's quick seed we gave Squirtle. And it makes you super fast! (Squirtle runs very fast by making Skarmory confused)

Skarmory: Huh? I don't even like it one bit! Huh? (Sees Squirtle)

Squirtle: How about... this!! (Throws one last corsola twig and it's a hit on Skarmory)


Charmander: Or this? Flamethrower!!! (Uses Flamethrower)

Chikorita: Or Razor Leaf!! Ha!! (Uses Razor Leaf)

Squirtle: With Bubbles put in too! (Inhales and uses Water Gun instead of Bubble) Huh? Hey! I'm doing Water Gun!

Pikachu: So would you look at Squirtle now!

Pichu: Part of leveling up is like crazy! (Charmander's Flamethrower plus Chikorita's Razor leaf plus Squirtle's Water Gun equals a Triple Finish against Skarmory as the battle's over. Skarmory fainted as he got X's in her eyes)

Squirtle: We did it! We did it! We did it! We did it!

Chikorita: (Laughs)

Charmander: Wow! Squirtle, you even learned a Water Gun attack all on your own.

Chikorita: And I'm Impressed!

Squirtle: (Laughs) Thanks. Guess practice makes perfect. (Now we cut to the Team Go Getters freeing both Pikachu and Pichu by unting the vines from behind the yellow rock)

Pikachu: We're free!

Pichu: Thanks to you!

Chikorita: Our Pleasure.

Skarmory: (Woke up as she got cute yellow eyes now) Hmm? Hmm. Strange! I can't seem to remember a thing.

Squirtle: Wow. Looks like Skarmory got bonked on the head.

Charmander: Yup.

Chikorita: Maybe Skarmory doesn't even know a thing or two.

Squirtle: So... We've been mannage to rescue Pikachu and Pichu right?

Charmander: You're right!

Chikorita: And it was great!

Squirtle: Squirtle!!!

Charmander: Charmander!!!

Chikorita: Chikorita!!!

Squirtle: What a team! Triple strong kicks!

Charmander: Triple brave!!!

Chikorita: Always ready to save the day!!!

Charmander, Chikorita and Squirtle: First mission Success!! Cause we're the best!! We're Team Go Getters!! So Let's get em!!! (Now we cut to Pelipper flying by)

Pelipper: Whew. What a job.

Charmander: It's Pelipper!

Pelipper: So many rescue team missions to send and I've got 10 more.

Chikorita: Maybe... There's a mission in there for us.

Squirtle: I'm ready.

Charmander: Yeah! (And they all race back down to Town Square by leaving the Mystery Dungeon) Race ya back to the post office! Last one down's a rotten acorn!

Squirtle: Coming right at ya, Slow pokes! (Now we cut back to the last part of the scene in Pokemon Town Square as Team Meanies watched them jealously and Whiscash Elder congratulates the Team Go Getters on their first mission then the Team Go Getters ran all the way to Pelipper's Post Office)

Squirtle Narrating: Hey! I know I got a lots to learn about being a Pokemon and all but... As long as I am a Pokemon, I think I'll stick with Team Go Getters. After all somebody has got to keep an eye on Charmander and Chikorita around. It's a tough job and I am a Pokemon to do it.

The End.

(Credits for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Go Getters Out of the Gate!) 

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