Welcome to a world...

Where Pokemon, and ONLY Pokemon, live.

A world where Pokemon can talk -- just like we do.

Meet a boy who has mysteriously turned into a Piplup!

This Piplup soon meets a Chimchar, who dreams of joining a brave Exploration Team.

And at that magical moment, an exciting new adventure begins!

Join us...

After all, a whole new world of mystery and exploration awaits!

Life is full of adventure, so get ready to explore!

(Cut to where the special episode begins in the cave as a Pokemon; Grovyle saw something very shiny behind the waterfall near the dripping water of stone teeth. He grins)

Grovyle: I've finally found it. (We see a shiny thing that is called a Time Gear) It's a Time Gear. (Jumps over by speed and grabs it by one hands and lands on his feet as the water drop freezes itself and he looked at the Time Gear as he got it and realized by looking behind the cave that the time has stopped) Amazing! Time stopped. (Jumps and runs for speed as he escapes for the next destination to find another time gear as the cave got suddenly dark as we go to the theme music of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; Explorers of Time and Darkness)

(The scene shifts to Chimchar, who is anxious to start an Exploration Team by joining Wigglytuff's Guild.)

Chimchar: This is it. It's the Wigglytuff Guilt. If I'm going to be an explorer, I'll have to show myself by meeting the one and only powerful explorer Guiltmaster Wigglytuff himself. (Holds his fragment as he walks inside the Wigglytuff Guilt) Uh... Excuse me! I would like to join the guilt.

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: (Off-Screen) Yooooooooooom-TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Uses Hyper Voice as Chimchar Screams and out comes three strong exploration team of Pokemon Team Razor Wind who got hit by someone hyper voice; Scyther, Sandslash and Zangoose)

Scyther: Ugh... Man what they say about the guiltmaster who was really strong he wasn't kidding. we wouldn't stand up to him a million years.

Zangoose: (Stands up) Yeah? So what? We should get back in there and get that reward anyhow.

Sandslash: Hey, that's not fair.

Corphish: (Walks up) Hey hey. Since when does Team Razor Wind keep on slacking off anyway?

Chatot: (Flies over to Team Razor Wind) You better get back to work, guys. According to the guildmaster's rules he means... FAST!!! (Looks at the viewers then back to Team Razor Wind)

Zangoose: Cool your beak. We were just leaving anyway. Come on, guys. (He, Scyther and Sandslash headed out. And Chimchar came out of hiding behind the totem pole but a Diglett saw somebody's footprint realizing there was an intruder)

Diglett: Intruder alert. (Pops up) Intruder alert. Intruder alert. (Goes down as Corphish saw what's going on)

Corphish: Hey! Now what kind of idiot make these footprints anyways?

Diglett: The Footprint is Chimchar's! The Footprint is Chimchar's! (Chimchar screams as he runs away all the way to the beach, where he tripped by an Unconscious Pokemon Piplup and fell. Then he got up and saw him by surprise)

Chimchar: (Runs up to him) Hey buddy. Are you okay? ... ARE YOU OKAY?

Piplup: (Woke up and shook his head) MMM... Where am I? (Looks at Chimchar)

Chimchar: You're fine. You weren't moving and I was worried sick.

Piplup: ...... (Jumps up and screams) A CHIMCHAR!?!

Chimchar: Wow you're really are fine.

Piplup: YOU'RE A TALKING CHIMCHAR!?!?! AM I DREAMING!?!?! (Pulls his face as it hurt him) Ow. I felt that one.

Chimchar: Are you feeling okay? Are you fine?


Chimchar: Maybe you're not fine. You have a strange way of saying a few words for a Piplup.

Piplup: ... Piplup?

Chimchar: Just where did you come from? I'd never seen you before in my life.

Piplup: Well I'm from... uh... ... I don't know.

Chimchar: Well, don't worry, Piplup...

Piplup: Why do you keep calling me Piplup, Chimchar?

Chimchar: That's who you are.

Piplup: I am not. I'm a human.

Chimchar: A human. There's Piplup's sense of humor!

Piplup: I told you I am not a Piplup! (Looked at the bubble, screamed and runs to the reflection of a mirror in water and screamed again by surprised) This can't be happening. I turned into... INTO A POKEMON!!!!! (Accidentally use Bubble and realized he used it)

Chimchar: Awesome bubble. (Realized an idea) Hey! Piplup, how would you like to join the exploration team with me?

Piplup: Exploration... Team?

Chimchar: We'll have lots of Mystery Dungeons in search for treasure, Beat up lots and lots of Bad Guys! And rescue Pokemon in danger! You see I always wanted to become and explorer and all what do you say?

Piplup: I have got no time for that. (Walks away then to Chimchar) Something's weird happened to me. And I'm going to find out why.

Chimchar: Yeah. But how? (Runs over to Piplup) I know this is a very hard reason for you and all. But... Why do we ask the legendary super powerful explorer Guiltmaster Wigglytuff and all. He knows everything. (Cut to him and Piplup near the Guilt enterance)

Piplup: So Chimchar, do you really think the guiltmaster can help me?

Chimchar: Probably.

Piplup: Probably?

Chimchar: Uh... that is of course if that's what exploration is all about that is... But I'm telling you if anything and anybody can help you deal with your problems it's the guildmaster himself. (He and Piplup enter the guilt) Although I actually never even met the guy.

Piplup: What did you say?

Chimchar: Nothing let's go.

Diglett: (Off-Screen) Intruder Alert! (Pops up) Intruder Alert Intruder Alert! (Piplup and Chimchar screamed as they fall into the underground entrtance)

Loudred: WHAAAAAT!?!?! (Turned around and spoke real loud) DID YOU SAY INTRUDERS!?!?! (Echoes)

Corphish: Hey hey hey hey hey!

Sunflora: Yippie! Intruders!

Chatot: So we'll bring them to the guildmaster!

Bidoof: Yup yup to the guildmaster!

Corphish: Hey hey hey! Let's get em!

Loudred: Bring them to the guildmaster!

Piplup: (Looks at Chimchar weirdly) I understand this is a real warm welcome.

Chimchar: (Laughs nervously. Cut to the Guiltmaster Wigglytuff sitting in his chair as he explain the intruders Chatot brought)

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: Intruders you say?

Chatot: Yes, Guiltmaster! It's Piplup and Chimchar!

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: Hi there! I'm the guiltmaster of this guilt; Wigglytuff. So you wanted to become explorers huh?

Chimchar: Yes! [Piplup: No way!]

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: (Heard what Piplup said) No way? (Every Pokemon from the guilt got surprised)

Chimecho: How dare he spoke to the Guiltmaster that way!?!

Bidoof: Yup yup it's really frightning.

Piplup: Look. (Steps up) Something mysterious has happening to me. And I think you're the one you can help me, Wi... (Chatot cuts his sense off)

Chatot: Up! That's Guiltmaster!

Piplup: Chimchar said that you can help me, Guiltmaster.

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: Explain to me everything how it happen.

Piplup: Sure. (Minutes later... Guiltmaster Wigglytuff heard the whole story of how Piplup become from a human to a Pokemon)

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: A human becoming a Pokemon now that sounds very mysterious.

Piplup: So how did I become a Pokemon in the first place? The more I think about it, the most confused I can get! Help! Help me get to the bottom of this! Guiltmaster, I'm begging you.

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: Zzzz... Zzzz... Zzzz... Zzzz... (Chatot flies over to him and saw that he was asleep with his eyes open)

Chatot: The guiltmaster's asleep.

Piplup: UHHHH...! With his eyes open?

Chimchar: Wow! Now that is one great powerful explorer!

Chatot: Now guys I know this is very strange to this situation but here is what I think the Guiltmaster would say. (He tells the story of how this is happening to their world) Lots of strange things has happening. And time itself begins in peril. Bad Pokemon doing bad stuff and outlaws everywhere. Why is this happened? And why time begin to reverse itself. Because a Time Gear's been broken. And the world we know begins to lose it's pattern. That is what the guiltmaster would say.

Piplup: A time gear? Wow!

Chimchar: Hey. That would explain that everything happened to Piplup.

Chatot: Perhaps I can be his exsistince.

Piplup: Looks like I'm back in square one.

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: (Woke up) That's right. You need a Team Name for this exploration.

Piplup: A team name?

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: So what team name is it going to be?

Chimchar: It's Pokepals!

Piplup: Pokepals?

Chimchar: I come up with the name that's because friends are really important to others.

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: It's great an excellent team name. Presenting the Pokepals exploration team! (All Pokemon from the guilt got scared) Team Name's up! All registered! YOOM-TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Uses Hyper Voice)


Bidoof: We're talking real power!!!

Piplup and Chimchar: Huh?

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: From now on your the member of our exploration team. Congratulations.

Chimchar: (Jumps up for excitment) All right!!!

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: Now. I would like you to have this treasure bag to carry a lot of items. (Sunflora took it out of his hands and hands it to Chimchar)

Sunflora: Here.

Chimchar: Gee. Thanks a lot!

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: You need your exploration team badges as well. (Throws the two of the exploration badges to Chimchar and Piplup)

Chimchar: All right! Yeah!

Piplup: (Looked at the exploration badge that is very shiny) Hmm... (That night Piplup and Chimchar are in the beds but Piplup is still thinking about what has happened to him that is until Chimchar got on top of him) Oof! Man are you heavy! (Special abillity activates when Piplup touched Chimchar he could see the furture through his forehead as he could see through the dimensional scream)

Kelecon Purple: Which dungeon is it today?

Chimchar: We're off to get one of Gabite's scales.

Kelecon Green: Choose any item you like.

Sunflora: Oh let's see. I think I'll get me a Joy Ribbon and a Defense Scarf. Oh! And finally a Power Band too! (Piplup's future number one ends as he puts Chimchar down and thinks about it)

Piplup: Huh? What was that about? (Cut to the next morning as Chatot uses the morning encouragement to all the Pokemon from the guilt)

Chatot: Time for our morning encouragement! One!

Diglett, Dugtrio, Loudred, Croagunk, Corphish, Sunflora, Chimecho and Bidoof: DON'T SHIRK WORK!!!

Chimchar and Piplup: Don't Shirk Work!

Chatot: And Two!

Diglett, Dugtrio, Loudred, Croagunk, Corphish, Sunflora, Chimecho and Bidoof: RUN AWAY AND PAY!!!

Chimchar and Piplup: Run Away And Pay!

Chatot: Three!

Diglett, Dugtrio, Loudred, Croagunk, Corphish, Sunflora, Chimecho and Bidoof: SMILES GO FOR MILES!!!

Chimchar and Piplup: Smiles Go For Miles! (Piplup yawns)

Chatot: OK, Pokemon! Time to get to work!

Diglett, Dugtrio, Loudred, Croagunk, Corphish, Sunflora, Chimecho and Bidoof: HOORAY!!!!!

Chimchar: Hooray!!!

Piplup: Hooray. (Cut back to the inside of the guilt as Shinx's brother asked Guiltmaster Wigglytuff for help)

Shinx Brother: You have got to help me find the Gabite scales. Because without it... (Cries) I'm afraid my little sister cannot make it!

Sunflora: Oh! (Calms down Shinx Brother) Don't cry. Please! I'm here!

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: Looks like it's Team Pokepals mission number one!

Chatot: All right! Now listen up! Shinx's little sister is very sick. Only the Gabite Scale can cure her.

Corphish: Hey hey! Gabite scales can cure the sick, the poison and the toxic.

Shinx Brother: (Now to Team Pokepals) Please! Help me, Team Pokepals.

Chimchar: Don't worry! Of course we'll help you! Won't we, Piplup?

Piplup: Yeah. But where can we find one of the Gabite scales?

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: You need to go to Labyrinth Cave.

Chimchar: You want us to go to Labyrinth Cave!?!?!

Sunflora: Where's that?

Chimchar: Labyrinth Cave is a maze where no one can complete that mission at the end of it that's where we can find one of the scales from that super ginormous Gabite himself.

Bidoof: Yup yup, talk about the hard place to go.

Chimchar: Sounds like a hard exploration.

Guiltmaster Wigglytuff: Maybe you can bring Sunflora with you. What do you say to that, Sunflora!

Sunflora: Yippie! Whatever the guiltmaster says!

Corphish: Hey hey! That's brilliant! When it comes to exploring, Sunflora is an expert here!

Sunflora: Ha ha ha! Looks like we'll make a pretty good team! Chimchar, Piplup and Sunflora rule!

Chimchar: Right!

Piplup: Right. (We cut to the place called Treasure Town as Sunflora, Chimchar and Piplup are walking by looking around the place) Wow! Pretty Main Street.

Chimchar: Maybe this place have a lot of places to go to.

Kelecon Brothers: Customers!? Great!

Kelecon Green: We love seeing customers!

Kelecon Brothers: Come in!

Kelecon Purple: We at the Kelecon Brothers gift shop where you can buy every single item.

Piplup: Wow.

Sunflora: Yippie!! Oh I can wait to shop here!

Kelecon Green: Ah, the lovely Sunflora.

Kelecon Purple: So... Which dungeon is it today?

Sunflora: We are heading toward Labyrinth Cave. (Kelecon Brother gasps by surprise)

Kelecon Green: Labyrinth Cave!

Kelecon Purple: That's where the Gabite is!

Chimchar: We're off to get one of Gabite's scales! (Piplup saw the future that is happened)

Kelecon Purple: Good! Buy as many items as you like. (Team Razor Wind saw the three small Pokemon Exploration Team who are Chimchar, Piplup and Sunflora)

Scyther: Who are those little squirts?

Sandslash: Those guys? They're called Team Pokepals.

Zangoose: Aw, they're just Rookies. Those two pipsqueaks think they can handle Labyrinth Cave? (Raises his sharp claw by smerking a smile)

Kelecon Green: Now then! Choose any item you like!

Sunflora: Oh let's see. (Piplup saw another future coming to what Sunflora said earlier)

Piplup: Okay there's... [Sunflora: I think I'll get me a Joy Ribbon...] a Joy Ribbon. [Sunflora: And an Defense Scarf...] Defense Scarf. [Sunflora: Oh! And finally a Power Band too!] And Power Band? (Gasps) My dream!

Chimchar: How do you know all these items to buy, Sunflora?

Sunflora: The Joy Ribbon is an item that will help you keep you safe from taken any damage. (Piplup wears the Joy Ribbon around his chest) The Defense Scarf here raises your defense. (Chimchar wears the Defense Scarf around his neck) And a Power Band finally raises the attack! (Sunflora wears the Power Band around her neck) Big time!

Chimchar: All right! Ready? Pokepals, go!!

Piplup: Right.

Sunflora: (Claps) Yip yip yippie! (We cut to the Mystery Dungeon area place called Labyrinth Cave as Team Pokepals explorer through that place of a maze)

Piplup: So this is Labyrinth Cave.

Chimchar: Caves like these give you the super creeps. (Suddenly a horde of Golbat flies by as they tackled Chimchar) Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!

Sunflora: Omigosh! Razor Leaf!!! (Uses Razor Leaf on an horde of Golbats as they all flew off)

Horde of Golbats: Let's get out of here! I'm with you!

Sunflora: Are you okay?

Chimchar: Hey. I'm not even hurt a little.

Sunflora: That's because you're wearing the Defense Scarf.

Chimchar: Hey yeah!

Sunflora: And because I'm wearing a Power Band my Razor Leaf became much stronger.

Piplup: Wow. Guess these items really are useful! (So, Sunflora, Chimchar and Piplup went on)

Chimchar: Hey Sunflora, thanks a lot.

Sunflora: Huh?

Chimchar: For saving us!

Sunflora: Omigosh! That was no big deal! So all we have to do is keep on going until we find the Gabite scale. (As they proceed, Piplup almost falls into a pit)

Piplup: Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah!!!

Chimchar: PIPLUP!!! (Saves him by grabbing his hand and saves him. This triggers another one of Piplup's visions of the future)

Piplup: Not again! (Sees the future through his forehead as a stone bridge collapses into a pit as Piplup's second future ends)

Chimchar: Are you alright, Piplup?

Piplup: I am! Thanks a lot for saving me.

Chimchar: No problem.

Piplup: (Thinks about it) That's weird.

Sunflora: (Off-Screen) Hey! Check it out. (They saw two bridges to cross on but they must have a choice to cross on)

Chimchar: Seems like we have two choices to bridge. Let's cross the stone bridge. (He started to cross the stone bridge but then Piplup realized the second future by flashback then he stops him from crossing that bridge)

Piplup: Wait, Chimchar!

Chimchar: What you do that for?

Piplup: This bridge is no good. Let's cross the log bridge.

Chimchar: Aw you worry too much. A stone bridge is safer! (A stone bridge collapses into a pit) Whoa!

Sunflora: That was... close!

Piplup: See I told you!

Chimchar: I owe you one! If you wouldn't have stopped us, we would've been goners!

Piplup: Thanks, Chimchar. (Talks in his head) Guess I shouldn't have tell them it didn't just happened. (So Sunflora, Chimchar and Piplup went on. Until they run up to Team Razor Wind who just got faded and failed the mission)

Sunflora: Omigosh it's Team Razor Wind and it looks like they're in trouble!

Piplup: Let's go help. (So Team Pokepals helped out Team Razor Wind) What happened?

Sandslash: Uh... It was Gabite.

Chimchar, Piplup and Sunflora: Gabite?

Scyther: We had to fight him to get one of his scales. 

Sandslash: So he said... fight for it.

Scyther: That's why he knock us all out.

Zangoose: There's no way you can win. You're just a bunch of rookies.

Sunflora, Chimchar and Piplup: Huh? (Scene flashes back to what Shinx Brother said eariler)

Shinx Brother: Please! Help me Team Pokepals. (Then the scene flashes back to Chimchar and Piplup)

Piplup: Hmm. Let's go, pal.

Chimchar: Yeah! Let's get that guy.

Sunflora: Yippie! Looks like you're ready to take Gabite on! (So Team Pokepals went on and finally reached the final part of this place as they run into Gabite who was on top of the rocks near the crystal walls)

Gabite: So you're back ey?

Sunflora: Omigosh it's Gabite!

Piplup: Please sir! We wanted one of your scales.

Gabite: Not again!

Piplup: We wanted it so that Shinx's sister can feel better.

Gabite: How can you be so up sured on that. It's always the same! Give me a scale, Give me a scale! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

Piplup: Please just this once?

Gabite: Once and for all... NO!!! Although I will hand you your scale if you can defeat me in battle.

Chimchar: That's the same thing that's happened to Team Razor Wind.

Piplup: We've got no choice.

Chimchar: Yeah! Let's battle the big guy.

Sunflora: Yippie. Now you're talking. (She, Chimchar and Piplup looked at Gabite seriously)

Gabite: You're sured has made me petrified! (Jumps off of the rock edge and lands on his feet on the ground as the battle begins by making his first move) Have a tastle of my Sand Tomb!!! (Uses Sand Tomb covering Sunflora, Chimchar and Piplup by tornado)

Sunflora: Ahh...!

Chimchar: (Struggles then calls out the attack) GO!! EMBER!! (Uses Ember against the Sand Tomb but it has no effect) No use.

Piplup: Take this! BUBBLE!!! (Uses Bubble on the sand tomb as it clears out)

Sunflora: Omigosh! Sand Attacks are weak against Water Attacks.

Gabite: We'll see about that!! Dragon Claw go!! (Uses Dragon Claw on Piplup)


Chimchar: Piplup, no!

Gabite: You two are next!! (Uses Dragon Claw on Chimchar)


Sunflora: EEK! Time for my Razor Leaf!!! (Uses Razor Leaf on Gabite)

Gabite: Aww! And you're strong too!

Piplup: Way to go, Sunflora!

Sunflora: Now! Let me introduce you to my... Petal Dance!!! (Uses Petal Dance but Gabite has another move)

Gabite: Uh-oh! Mmm... Attract let's go!!! (Uses Attract on Sunflora as she looks at his charming good look as she influteded by attrached)

Sunflora: WOW! When I get a look at you I am in love.

Piplup: Sunflora's been acting really strange.

Chimchar: Guess attract really works on females.

Piplup: No kidding.

Chimchar: Now we gotta save Sunflora.

Piplup: Right! (Leaps into action by using Drill Peck on Gabite as he blocked it with one arm) HA!!!

Chimchar: No luck! (Piplup leaps up again and uses Bubble again)

Piplup: HAAH!! (Gabite dodges the attack)

Gabite: Alright. Try my Dragon Claw!! (Uses Dragon Claw on Piplup again)


Gabite: One more time! (Uses it again but Chimchar scratches him several times)

Chimchar: KNOCK IT OFF!!! (He uses Fury Swipes by hands)

Piplup: (Got up)

Chimchar: My Fury Swipes oughta teach you a lesson a thing or two!!!

Piplup: All right. One more time! BUBBLE!!! (Uses Bubble on Gabite while Chimchar holds him by the neck)

Chimchar: Piplup! You can use Bubblebeam!

Piplup: (Realized something as he stopped using bubble) Bubblebeam?

Gabite: Ugh!

Chimchar: Awesome! It must be that Joy Ribbon helping you out!

Gabite: Why you!

Piplup: All right. I'm gonna use... BUBBLEBEAM!!! (Does so as he uses it on Gabite as it explodes right in front of him and Chimchar slides right next to Piplup) Hmmm...! (Gabite is about to attack but he fell down and bonk his head as he fainted with swirls in his eyes and the attract runs out of Sunflora's effect)

Sunflora: Huh? (She saw that Gabite's been defeated) Omigosh! The Pokepals have beaten Gabite!

Chimchar: Hey Sunflora, are you back to normal?

Sunflora: What do you mean back to normal?

Chimchar and Piplup: Uhh...?

Piplup: Aw it was nothing. (Then Gabite got up and stomps all the way to Team Pokepals)

Sunflora: Omigosh! Stay away!

Chimchar and Piplup: Hmm!

Gabite: Clam down the battling all over. (Picks one of his scales off and lets the Team Pokepals look at it) This is what you're looking for. (Chimchar picks it up out of Gabite's claw)

Chimchar: Thanks!

Piplup: One of the Gabite scales.

Gabite: That was a fine battle we all had there.

Chimchar: I guess Shinx's little sister is going to be just fine.

Sunflora: Hooray! That means the Pokepals exploration team was a greatful sccuess!! (Chimchar and Piplup hold up their exploration badges up) Hooray for Pokepals!!!

Piplup and Chimchar: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (And finally we cut back to the guilt as Shinx Brother thanked Team Pokepals for saving Shinx Sister for giving her the Gabite scale as she feels much better)

Shinx Brother: Pokepals, I can't thank you enough for saving my little sister. Without any of your help my little sister feels much better.

Shinx Sister: My brother's right.

Shinx Brother: And as thanks for my help, I would like to reward you with my Luxray Fang. Take it as your reward.

Piplup: Don't mind if we do. (Takes it but Chatot swoops in and caught it by beak)

Chatot: Nope!

Chimchar: Hey!

Chatot: (Holds the Luxray Fang up by wing) The rules of the guilt say that the Guiltmaster gets the award.

Chimchar: No fair.

Piplup: Those are the rules of the guilt.

Chimchar: But we did all the hard work.

Loudred: Terrible news!!! (He and Corphish showed up) A Time Gear Has been stolen again!!!

Every Pokemon: (Gasps surprisely)

Guildmaster Wigglytuff: Oh my! (Shows up) Who's the criminal?

Corphish: Grovyle the Thief! (We see a picture of an outlaw of Grovyle the Thief in between the other outlaw Pokemon)

Piplup: Wow. He looks mean. (Now to Chimchar) Okay Chimchar. I'm gonna stay with Team Pokepals. I know there's a lot of Pokemon there to help me all of a sudden. And finding Grovyle won't be easy. And besides... If anything go right in the end, maybe I'll figure out what happened to me one day.

Chimchar: (Smiles) Piplup.

Piplup: So I'm counting on you partner.

Chimchar: Partner is a deal.

Piplup: Hmm.

Piplup and Chimchar: (Shake hands) Ha ha! (And the scene goes to freeze frame with all the Pokemon of the guilt saw Chimchar and Piplup shake hands as they make a good team together while in the light)

The End

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