LD001 - "An Impossible Transformation" or in Japanese "Human Turned Pokemon?! The Transformation Not Possible" ((人間は、ポケモンをなっていますか?!転換は出来ません!)

Explorers of Life and Death


'Meet Tommy, your average 11 Year old Boy who goes to School, Does his Homework, Plays Videogames etc. but when the unexpected happens Tommy is dragged into a brand new dimension which takes him to a world he has never seen before, a world only inhabited by Pokémon, there he meets a young Fennekin called Megan, what kind of adventures will these two have, it’s time to enter a new Dimension in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Life and Death!


Tommy (Debut)

Megan (Debut)

Angie (Cameo)

Ariel (Cameo)

Teacher (Cameo)

Citezens of Santalune City

Viola (Cameo)

Alexa (Cameo)

Title "An Impossible Transformation"/"Human Turned Pokemon?! The Transformation Not Possible" ((人間は、ポケモンをなっていますか?!転換は出来ません!)
Opening A Neverending Friendship!
Ending Melody of the Heart!

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